Students are admitted into the building at 8:30 and dismissed at 3:09

Breakfast is served at 8:10 AM.
Students may bring lunch from home; however, they may not bring any glass containers.

Cafeteria Rules
The same general rules for behavior apply in the cafeteria as in the classroom.

Remain in line quietly
Keep hands to themselves
Classes sit together, filling next available seat
Students are not allowed to save places in line or at tables
Clean the area where he/she ate
Food and drinks
Food and drinks are only to be eaten in the cafeteria at the designated times. The presence of food in the classroom is very disruptive and causes a considerable litter problem. Students are not permitted to bring gum or sunflower seeds to school. Students are expected to comply with this policy at all times.

In case of emergency each student is required to have on file at the school office the following information:

Parent(s) or guardian(s) name(s).
Complete and up-to-date address.
Home phone number and parent(s) work phone number.
Emergency phone number of a relative of friend.
Physician’s name and phone number.
Medical alert information.
Food Related Policies

Students are required to wear uniforms to school. The school uniform is a white or navy blue shirt and khaki pants or shorts for the boys. The girls wear white or navy blue blouses with khaki pants. Girls may also wear khaki skirts, shorts, or pants.  Uniforms must be worn daily.

It is very important, for emergency and administrative reasons, that every student maintain an up-to-date address record at the school office. Notify the school immediately if you have a change of address during the school year.

Call the school office at 215-400-3950

Cancellation of school takes place only during extraordinary circumstances such as:

Extreme weather
Equipment failure
Public crisis
The school board, academic area officers and administrators are aware of the hardship which can be caused by an abrupt cancellation. Therefore, school will not be cancelled unless a significant safety risk has been created by unusual circumstances.

Every practical means is used to notify parents of an impending cancellation, including radio and TV. Please be sure to check out the school districts’s website for up-to-date information on school closings.

Please be sure that the office has the correct work, home, and emergency numbers for your child in case of emergency.

Schedule doctor and dentist appointments outside of school hours. When this is not possible, students will be excused for these special appointments.

Please remember to bring a note in from a doctor or dentist.

Fire drills are conducted once each month. Detailed plans are posted inside of the door of each classroom. For fire drills each class has an escape route to an outside area that is a safe distance from the building. Children are escorted to these designated areas in less than 75 seconds in a safe, quiet and orderly manner.

A detailed emergency plan is available in the school office.

John Marshall is involved in the Universal Feeding Program. This program provides free meals to all of our students and applications are not needed.

All visitors entering Marshall School are required to sign a register at the front door and be issued a visitor’s pass prior to reporting to the main office. No visitor is to wander the building on his or her own.

The School District of Philadelphia welcomes visitors to its schools, and encourages parents, volunteers and community leaders to visit their schools regularly.  The School District must also protect its students and staff from the disruption caused by outsiders.  This ensures that your child will receive a maximum education in the safest environment.

Telephone calls to the Main Office prior to 8:30 AM should be for extreme EMERGENCY purposes only.  Our telephones are needed to deal with the essential problem of staffing our school for adequate pupil supervision. For the most effective responses to routine telephone calls, you are urged to call between the hours of 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM, and 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM.

A well-planned program of homework activities provides an opportunity for the home, school, and community to cooperate in the education of their children.

Parents should review all homework assignments.  Be assured that your child’s teacher will carefully review each homework assignment

Please set aside a special time and a quiet, comfortable place for your child to do homework.
Approximate suggested homework times are:

Kindergarten     20 minutes
Grades 1, 2         30 minutes
Grades 3, 4        45 minutes
Grade 5               60 minutes

Parents are also encouraged to spend some time each evening reading with their children.